In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, while in practice such difference exists.

This is the list of practitioners - people that apply CQRS principles with their own hands in two or more real-world projects that they own and that survived to production. To keep this list focused and to the point, it includes only people with terminology and beliefs that match this resource (other outstanding gentleman are listed in the second section).

  • Have two or more real-world CQRS-based projects that they own and that survived to production.
  • Participate in both high-level domain-driven design and actual everyday coding.
  • Have desire to share with the others and believe in pushing state of the art.
  • Will take their time to answer your question.

By an interesting coincidence they have great sense of humour and would cover your back in a war.

Gregory Young

Greg is responsible for starting all this thing that is now called CQRS. You can catch him on travels around the world, conferences, classes or while breaking markets in Lithuania. When you do - buy him beers. But be really careful, since you can wake up next morning with head aching from simple and breaking ideas (and some hangover).

Worst case scenario of learning from Gregory: your views upon software and world would be turned upside down, till this quote makes perfect sense: "Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from god".

Eric Evans

Eric wrote the blue book - book on "Domain-Driven Design" that forms strategic guidance for simplifying complex problem domains and breaking them into smaller pieces. It is breakthrough on its own but also creates perfect foundation for consistently applying CQRS at tactical level.

Jérémie Chassaing

Jérémie lives in Paris, where he owns development of complex hotel reservations platform. Really complex domain and resource constraints make him do lot of practical and dirty things that would horrify an ivory-tower architect but work really well in real life.

It takes him one beer (light filtered) to derive laws of physics, universe and time itself from event sourcing.

Yves Reynhout

Yves lives in Belgium, where he owns and manages extremely complex domain in medical field. It can take him weeks to craft a new blog post, but when it finally escapes into the wild - it always provokes thoughts and pushes state of the art.

Yves appreciates fine wines and exquisite cuisine, but can also be occasionally spotted driving a car to a different country for some quality CQRS Beers.

Jonathan Oliver

Jonathan is one of the guys who has been pushing practical CQRS to its limits. He authored widely known event store and common domain projects. He is one of the guys who kicks distributed podcast into existence.

Jonathan has really serious sense of humor that can take you by surprise and is just an awesome guy.


Outstanding Gentleman

This section includes outstanding people that blog or speak about CQRS principles but for some reason use dictionary, concepts and ideas that differ from core principles of this CQRS Resource. Hence, they are outside of the scope of this resource, but are definitely worth following.


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