Case: Event Day

Event Day

Already built with Lokad.CQRS

Event Day is Conference Management Software, targeting in person conferences with attendance of 1000 or more.

Benefits of Lokad.CQRS

  • Windows Azure
  • Tiny Team
  • Web UI
  • Scaling

What is your business about? Why have you chosen to go distributed/cloud way?

We are an online event management company, that needs to scale up and down, depending on current volume.
—Scott Cate

How long have you been using Lokad.CQRS? How do you find it?

I think we started looking at Lokad around August, 2010.
—Scott Cate

Why does Lokad.CQRS work for you? What is you favorite feature?

It's CQRS, for Azure, with a brilliant code base. Saves us time from having to reinvent the wheel.
—Scott Cate

I can't thank Lokad enough for the work you guys have put in. You have literally saved our startup thousands of man-hours.
—Chris Martin

How many people do you have working on CQRS related projects?

1 or 2
—Scott Cate

What's their take on getting started with Lokad.CQRS, on documents and community?

Lokad.CQRS is damn near perfect at the moment. However, I think if you included the DSL for generating messages, that would remove a lot of friction.
The most important thing for us right now, missing from Lokad.CQRS, is Event Sourcing. I've given it a shot with the new TapeStorage feature, but haven't had enough time to get it right.

The next thing I would like to see is some sort of "real-world" sample.
—Chris Martin

All these items have been added to Lokad.CQRS since the time of this case study:

  • DSL for generating messages
  • Event Sourcing
  • Sample Application that derives from real-world projects
  • and much more...

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